2nd Annual
Dalhousie University
Environmental Research Symposium

Poster Guidelines

Reuse of existing research posters is encouraged!


Your poster should be readable from a distance of 2 meters.
Suggested font sizes:
*The title should be capitalized with lettering at least 2 cm high (72 point)
*Authors and affiliations should be in upper and lower case lettering at least 11 mm high (42 point)
*Text lettering should be at least 5mm high (18 point) with a line thickness of at least
1 mm


Information should be well organized and concisely presented. Your poster should include the following sections:
*Materials and Methods
*Results or Anticipated Results and Discussion

Keep written text to a minimum. "Bullets" and short phrases are effective. Use large graphs, flow charts, diagrams, and photographs (half dozen or so). Keep captions and legends short and informative.


Poster boards should be no smaller than 60cm wide by 90cm long


Please submit all poster titles to envs@dal.ca by November 7th, 2005